detroit techno - deep house - electronic soul - smooth audio assaults

Latest mixtape: Live at Houseforest @ Luft - Next gig: tba

Mixtapes are here only to promote my dj career. No practice nor re-recording, all mixtapes were recorded live (bedroom & live dj-sets). I'd like to have some feedback if you downloaded a mixtape.

Live at Houseforest, Luft part 1, part 2
  - detroit [50,3MB/109MB, 192kbps/44kHz the repeated audio never completely echoed
  - deep techno [78,8MB, 128kbps/44kHz]
friday night spent in the past
  - good ol' trance '92-'96 [55,5MB, 128kbps/44kHz]
Live at Superbar part 1, part 2
  - detroit [105MB/32MB, 192kbps/44kHz]
payback time part one
  - detroit - [107MB, 192kbps/44kHz]
live @ Abflug special
  - deep/detroit [66,6MB, 128kbps/44kHz]

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