detroit techno - deep house - electronic soul - smooth audio assaults

Latest mixtape: Live at Houseforest @ Luft - Next gig: tba

I think that dj sets are stories. They are definitely more than just playing a record after another. With your records you tell and express something. Thus, the progression of the set is one of the key factors when judging it. Certain athmosphere, feeling or some similar element has to carry the set from the beginning to the very end.

After progression comes selection. Although they overlap a bit, they mostly complement each other. They live in a constant symbiosis where one can not survive without the other. To maximize the potential of selection I always carry as many records with me as possible.

A monkey can learn to beatmatch and a jukebox can play the top 100 favourite tunes of the moment. You have to do much more in order to deliver a meaningful and memorable set. The will to express and create new separates good dj's from the bad.

I want to build solid, smooth and emotional sets. I try to mix seamlessly but with a few tricks up in my sleeve. I am far from the ideal but I'm getting there. If you want to see how far I've got, go and download my mixtapes.