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Also English-speaking players can join our teams and/or trainings: football, futsal & floorbandy, even for free, though currently almost all players are Finnish-speaking. 5th & 6th division, hobby league & Men over 35 years. There are no age/gender limits in general, as long as your skill level is not far from ours (unless you are a child and essentially lighter than adults, for safety reasons).

Further info: e.g.,

You can try to read the page uuden_pelaajan_ohjeet through Google Translate or the like, but probably the following contains everything necessary and will never become obsolete:

"I'd like to play some soccer or futsal. How to start?"

A. I suggest that you join our training email list by emailing (anything with any title) to kilo-treenit-subscribe (the at symbol)

Usually we'll inform on that list about everything except weekly futsal reserve playing opportunities, so see also C. below.

Usually the emails are in Finnish, so use Google Translate or the like (or ask the sender in English, if that doesn't help; I guess that everyone speaks English fairly well).

In case it is April to September

A. See “A.” above.

B. The easiest way to start is to come to our outdoor trainings. Usually we just make teams and play. See: jalkapallo (or if that is out of date, ask

C. At the end of trainings you can ask whether you could also join some official team or the like.

D. In every case you can preferably (not necessarily at all) first send Kalle an email with some basic info on you (including a phone number) (and mention that this information can be shared with Kilo's team leaders) and mention that you've read this page (so that I don't repeat it).

In case it is late September to early April

A. See “A.” above.

E. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays we play with each other. If you are interested in playing also in 5th or 2nd division, you can ask about that once we have seen you (or before that if you are very good).

The easiest way to start is that I add you on the reserve playing lists of our ordinary futsal “training” (read: we just play for 90 mins), which are Tue 20 Thu 21 Fri 20 Sun 16 in schools in Tapiola and Matinkylä (Southern Espoo).

If you are fine with that, just email me and tell that I can add you on the four reserve player lists: You can also add the “D.” info above if that's OK.

How the reserve player system works

Our system is that in each September people announce them as a default player or a reserve player to each of Tue/Thu/Fri/Sunday. The default players pay the something like 50 euros for each of the four. Later they announce weekly whether they are coming.

When there are not enough default players, the guy in charge emails to the reserve players. They can answer if they want to come (the guy in charge then answers, whether they were among the lucky - though usually most or all early answerers are, I think, and sometimes all answerers).

The reserve players never pay anything. This way we always have enough players without people needing to sit on the bench too much, and new guys can always join the reserve player lists and get to play without paying anything.

You can always ignore the emails unless you want to play. If Google Translate does not suffice, just ask the guy sending the email; I guess that everyone here speaks English fairly well too.

Here are exact addresses etc. in Finnish (Google Translate hopefully helps):

But remember not to come without permission (whenever you reply to such invitation emails, the sender will answer “OK” or the like except in the rare events when too many replied and you did not fit in). And if you like that, you can ask if there are any open default player positions, or wait for the info about the next winter (each September or August).

Once people have seen you play, maybe also our futsal teams get interested and want you to their games and standard trainings in Mondays, etc.

Starting in April we train outdoor too, and everybody can join those games. Also you could play in some of our football division teams.

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